Test out your Barnett Trivia by answering the following questions below:
1) How many children did Jerry Barnett have?
2) Which Barnett family member once played for the Dallas Cowboys?
Ray Bradley
Justice "Tank" Powers
Eric Barnett
Felix Jones

3) The Barnett's lived on a plantation in rural town in Alabama, what was the name of the town?
Mount Meigs
4) Who was responsible for adding an e to the Barnett name?
Dick Lewis Barnett
Jerry Barnett
Luverne Barnett
Jessie Barnett

5) Who was born in South Carolina and later sold into slavery in Alabama?
Cassandra Barnett
John Matt Barnett
Francis Barnett
Sarah Barnett
6) Archy Barnett owned a black smith shop that was eventually moved to what city in Alabama?
Mt. Meigs
Porters Beat

7) Amy Barnett was the daughter of Cassandra Barnett and she had one son, what was his name?
Josh Jones
David Cooper
Collidge Rhodes
Edward Dunson
8) Dick Lewis Barnett was owned as a slave by Sol Smith and was once known as Louis Smith. His Mom told him after he returned from the Civil war his father was John Barnett. What was his mother’s name?
Epatha Walker
Phyllis Houston
Mamie Pearl Bibb
Edna Johnson

9) This woman and her husband amassed a fortune in real estate. Who were they?
Sylvester Wendell Barnett & Bell Shoulders
Ulysses Simpson Barnett & Elnora Phillips
Watkin Bibbs & Mamie Pearl Barnett
Feagin Causby Barnett & Evie Lee Green
10) In what city in America was Luverne Barnett Jr raised?
West, Medford, Massachusetts
New York, NY
Ecorse, Michigan
Los Angles California

11) Which family member dresses up and plays Santa Claus at Christmas on his red trike?
Rodney Barnette
Eugene Jones
Roosevelt Bradley
Plato Barnett