1. What is the preferred method to register and pay?
The preferred method to register and pay is through the website. It is easier for tracking all registrations and payments.
2. Can I register through the mail?
Yes. You may register through the mail using the registration document. A copy can be found on the "Registration" page.
3. Can I extend my stay at the resort to attend the Theme Parks?
Yes. The reunion package will allow you to extend your stay three days prior to the reunion and three days after the reunion.
4. Are theme park tickets available?
Yes. Disney has granted the family special theme park rates that will allow you to attend  select theme parks and a water park at a discount  rate (See the bottom of the  “Things To Do” page for theme park discount information.) 
5. I've heard it rains often in Orlando, should I pack an umbrella?
No. The Orlando weather often has extreme lighting that can easily strike an umbrella.  Purchase a rain slicker from your local discount store prior to arrival and save money.
6. Is there a cost for everything near our resort?
No.  Free entertainment can be found at Disney Springs or City walk Orlando. These popular destinations have everything from stores and restaurants to free concerts and numerous photo-ops. Disney Springs caters to families with younger kids while Universal Orlando is more suited for an adult night out. Both of these entertainment areas include a movie theater and mini-golfing.
7. Are there  stores close by to purchase snacks?
Yes, For those of you who are driving, when you arrive you should make a pit stop at the local Publix (Address: 4870 S. Apopka-Vineland Road). There, you can get waters and snacks to store in your room’s refrigerator, along with beer and wine (It’s ridiculously expensive at the resort) and- best of all- SOUVENIRS. Publix has nearly an entire aisle of Disney dolls, magnets, pens, autograph books, keychains, water toys for the pool, and other memorabilia- all at a fraction of the price you’d pay at the resort. Best of all, this Publix has Disney ponchos for a couple of dollars apiece. Get caught in a rainstorm at one of the parks and you’ll spend more than $8 per poncho.
8. If I purchase souvenirs at Disney, Is there a place that I can store them?
Because you are staying at the resort, you can have your souvenirs delivered right to your room free of charge, so that you don’t have to carry them around all day.